Level 1 Open Water Print
This course is a introductory course to SCUBA diving. After completing this course and 6 dives in open water, you will be a certified Open Water 1 Diver!

The fees from STEP 1 and 2 cover everything except your Personal Equipment System (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, weights and weight belt) & SSI Dive Log. For the open water dives, The fees from STEP 3 do not cover food, transportation or use of the Total Dive System or wetsuit. If you have not purchased your own equipment by this time, you can rent this equipment for a special student rate. Please do not purchase any equipment until we have met with you. Adventure Sports II will reserve a time for you to be properly fitted into your Personal Equipment System prior to the first pool session. If you already own some equipment, please let us check all of your existing equipment to make sure it meets the necessary safety standards. Adventure Sports II requires that all regulator systems and BCDs have proof of being serviced within the last year.

Your certification is an international class certification!  Adventure Sports II certifies under SSI (Scuba Schools International), one of the largest international certification agencies
in the world.

Any more questions just call us at (334) 269-3483. Your comfort with our training program is very important to us.

Level 1 Diver Info